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Porto - Age of Discoveries 


Discover Porto in a brand new way with your family and friends. Your mission is to discover Prince Henry, the Navigator sword. With it, you are going to be able to defeat the monster Adamastor and save Porto! In this travel guide, there are ten monuments and landmarks you need to visit in order to complete the story. Although children are the protagonists of this adventure, adults will find extra information on each location inside. Prince Henry, the pioneer of the Portuguese discoveries, is waiting to be your host on your visit to Porto. Let’s start your adventure!


How this book came about

My beautiful goddaughter Tatiana is turning one and I wanted to give her a special gift. After several ideas, this book came to mind. A book filled with stories about her city and heritage. A book that will encourage her to look beyond what is known. A book that will give us the opportunity to discover Porto together when she grows up. I hope you will join us on this adventure!





What is Travel Guide for Kids - Porto - Age of Discoveries?

It’s a travel guide that aims to give kids a fun experience while visiting the city of Porto. By following the story locations, readers will get to know the history and monuments of Porto, particularly the history related to the Portuguese discoveries and one key character – Prince Henry, the Navigator - the pioneer of the Portuguese discoveries.  It will be through Prince Henry eyes that the story will unfold.



How is this travel guide divided?

This travel guide is divided into three distinct parts: the story of Prince Henry (part I), additional historical information (part II) and games related with the story (part III).


Is Travel Guide for Kids only suitable for kids?

No. Travel Guide for Kids aims to give a great sightseeing experience to everyone. The first part of the book is ideal for smaller kids with simple language and the essential historical information. The second part of the book complements the first part of the book. It’s aimed to an older reader with more historical information.


What kind of information can I find at Travel Guide for Kids - Porto - Age of Discoveries?

Most of the story is based on real events, real locations, historical characters, legends and traditions.


What is the story of Travel Guide for Kids - Porto - Age of Discoveries?

After almost 600 years, the monster Adamastor has freed itself from the bottom of the ocean and is on its way to destroy Porto!

Prince Henry - the Navigator needs the help of the reader to find his sword and defeat Adamastor. The reader will have to go to ten locations to finish the story.



How many locations are in this travel guide?

Ten locations.


I won’t have time to go to all ten locations. Is that ok?

Yes. Enjoy the locations you have time to visit and read the rest of the story in your own time.


In which format is the travel guide available?

Paperback and Kindle at Amazon.


In which language is the travel guide available?

English and Portuguese.


Will there be other Travel Guide for Kids?

Hopefully yes. That is the plan and we are already working on the next Travel Guide for Kids – Porto.



About the Author

Soraia Ferreira has always been fascinated by stories and her city. She did her first Porto travel guide in 2012, as part of her Ph.D. in Digital Media where she studied the application of transmedia storytelling to tourism.

Besides being a Story Strategy Consultant and Trainer at Yellow Pictures, Soraia is also an Invited Assistant Professor at the Master in Multimedia – University of Porto, where she teaches transmedia storytelling, interactive storytelling and documentary.


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